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Make smart investment in our smart technology build Home Appliances.

About Us

Coherent Appliances Private Limited, a name seldom considered by loyal clients, a perfect synonym for reliability is a hub of modern technology inspired home appliances. Under the roof our genuine store, everything from Air Conditioners to Mixer Grinders is served at a right price structure. On the factors of price, quality and performance, our offered line stands matchless in the competitive market world. We are a strong believer of quality manufacturing. As a manufacturer, we source superior in quality base materials. Fitted with right quality components, our line of quality appliances work without breakdowns.

Our existence as an exporter is truthful as we abide by all the legal requirements of international trading. Deep study of export markets' natures, structures and behaviors help us to understand specific needs of international buyers. It also aids us to sustain our repute in exporting markets for a longer time. Not many years have passed to our business entity but our popularity is equal to those already well-established companies. Reason of this lies in our ability to cope with changes in technological changes in designing and developing of home appliances. 

Portable Three Jar Mixer Grinder, Butterfly Mixer Grinder, Steel Blade Mixer Grinder etc., passes through several checks of quality prior the process of delivery. This rigorous way of quality examining product line lessens chances of defects in range to zero. 

Warehousing Stock With Perfection

We have been getting repeated orders from various commercial, residential and industrial spaces because of our ability to meet their immediate requirements on time. Availability of Steel Blade Mixer Grinder, Portable Three Jar Mixer Grinder, etc., in bulk helps our company to suffice market requirements in a perfect manner. We own two warehousing facilities in which provided line is well-kept in different specifications. Well-keeping of range category-wise removes possibility of hassles during shipment.

What Makes Us Attain Loyalty of Clients?
  • Our idea to make production plan in sync with constantly changing requirements of clients in terms of design, performance, finish and quality of home appliances help us to enjoy loyalty of clients.
  • Our ability to stay by our words of delivering product line with the support of super reliable transportation agencies.
  • Our capability to complete orders in a less time through application of innovative techniques in production.